Here are some of the defects that I have found during home inspections.  Photos like these are used in the report to help explain the
defect encountered.  All photos were taken by Ralph Brady on actual inspections.
Defects - The Best of the Worst
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Disconnected furnace flue
Improper electrical wiring in an attic
This furnace flue probably became
misaligned when the roof was replace.  
This was in a utility closet off the hallway
of an occupied residence.
Probably the most blatantly bad wiring
job I have ever seen.  All of the wiring in
the attic was like this in this
McKinleyville home.
The buyers of this house were told that
there had been a fire, but that the
damage had been repaired.  This was
an attic of an occupied, for sale home.
Mushrooms on rim joist - 15 year old house
One nasty leak!!!!
Improper floor support
This rim joist was rotted with fungus
growing out of it.  This home was only
20 years old.  Most of the crawlspace
vents had been covered with decks and
porches and the dryer was venting into
the crawlspace.
How long do you think this plumbing
leak had been going on?
Hollow concrete blocks are designed
for load bearing with the opening
vertical.  It's pretty obvious this block
isn't doing much.
I have seen multiple instances of scorched
items which had been stored on top of
water heaters.  With a cold and/or improper
flue, you can get a lot of heat escaping at
the draft diverter.
This is what happens when you vent a gas
appliance into an unlined brick chimney.  
The combustion gases accelerate the
deterioration of the mortar.  This chimney
probably does not draft very well either.  A
chimney like this should be replaced when
a house is re-roofed.